A trigger happy man from Oklahoma has allegedly killed his wife with a firearm as part of a lurid sex game.

Arthur Sedille, 23, is accused of shooting his own wife in the head. Despite calling 911, she was (not surprisingly) pronounced dead on arriving at the hospital. An affidavit for the case, reported in part by The Smoking Gun, runs thus:

’ The calling party, Arthur Sedille, who is the victim's husband, advised that he accidentally shot his wife in the head while they were having sex. During a follow-up interview with Arthur Sedille, he advised this detective that he and his wife often engage in sexual fantasy involving a gun. Arthur Sedille advised while engaged in this fantasy this evening, he retrieved a handgun from a shelf beside the bed, racked the slide back causing the gun to cock and then placed the gun to his wife's head and the gun discharged. He stated he did not realize the gun was loaded until the gun went off.’

The case echoes writer William Burroughs’ ‘accidental shooting’ of his own wife in 1951 when the Beat writer drunkenly attempted to imitate William Tell's feat of shooting an apple off his son's head.

Sedille however seems more the gun enthusiast than literary type – his Facebook page lists some of his hobbies as ‘Jagermeister’, ‘Jesus Christ’, ‘AK-47’, ‘Smith & Wesson’ and, bizarrely enough, ‘Bald Eagles.’

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