"Ooooh, she never!"

It's like looking back into our past when all we could rely on before the internet, telephones and good old fashioned letters was word of mouth, otherwise known as gossip. Women would confide in other women, who would eventually tell...other women, whereas very few men would reveal their secrets to another guy.

The latest survey by IllicitEncounters.com confirms that 43 percent of women would spill the beans to a friend about having an affair, whereas only 6% of men would. However, 12% of males would be likely to tell a complete stranger, the Metro online reports.

'Women like storytelling and tend to have confidence in their friends,’ said Phillip Hodson, from the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy.‘Men don’t bond in the same way and are loathe to share stuff which could make them vulnerable.'

Maybe it's a different story altogether if the one you would most likely tell is the person whose other half is the person you're having the affair with!

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