Ooooh! Matron!

It seems sponge baths aren't the only thing being offered to patients at the Birmingham Heartlands Hospital as one randy nurse, Rebecca Bayliss, 29, was called before the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) after confessing to a sordid three month relationship with a patient in a serious condition, the Sun Online reports.

Despite the fact that the patient, whose identity is being protected, was recuperating in hospital from cystic fibrosis, Bayliss took a shine to him when he was admitted and boasted to friends and colleagues that she had a new flame. A colleague mentions that 'Rebecca wrote on Facebook that she was excited. She told me that she was seeing someone other than her partner. A week later she told me that the man was a patient on the ward.'

Although she was advised to confess everything to officials at the hospital, Bayliss refused and has since been 'found guilty of entering into a sexual relationship with a patient, failing to inform her manager and failing to maintain professional boundaries with the patient. The patient himself commented that he 'could have done without the stress.' Rather a Night-nurse than a naughty nurse for this poor bloke, we think.

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