Ooh matron!

A married nurse got into bed with two patients for a ’three-in-a-bed cuddle’ a court heard yesterday.

Jayne Reed, 47, is alleged to have called herself ‘mummy bear’, the 46-year-old man ‘daddy bear’ and an 18-year-old girl ‘baby bear’. The psychiatric nurse is also accused of performing oral sex on the man.

Reed was first suspended in 2008 following rumours she had performed the sex act on the patient, but she was allowed to return to work at the Newtown Hospital in Worcestershire on the grounds she was the victim of a whispering campaign.

But after both patients wrote letters of complaint, the investigation was re-opened and Reed eventually resigned in January 2009.

Hannah Fellows, on behalf of the Nursing and Midwifery Council, said the letters of complaint alleged Reed had ‘engaged in a sexual act with Patient A in his own home’.

She is also said to have visited the man’s home after he was discharged and pleasured and performed oral sex on him.

It is also claimed that Reed kissed the woman, sent her ‘inappropriate’ text messages and took her to the cinema.

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