Ooh la la!

The oh-so-posh Sadler’s Wells theatre in London, not a place renowned for racy go-go dancing by any stretch of the imagination, will be home to a troupe of NAKED dancers, performing explicit acts on stage, before hugging members of the audience in a new production.

The nude spectacle, entitled Un Peu De Tendresse Bordel De Merde! (A little Tenderness For Crying Out Loud!), is choreographed by Canadian director Dave St Pierre and features an 'audience participation' segment where naked men dressed in blonde wigs embrace startled non-naked theatre-goers.

The show is yet to arrive on British shores, and is set to carry a 18+ rating when it opens in June next year, due to the nudity content.

Sadler’s Wells chief executive, Alistair Spalding, admitted getting hot under the collar when he saw a performance in France last year, describing it as 'really testing' but leaving him 'breathless'.

'It is not that we are deliberately interested in shocking people but I think that people really enjoyed this,' he added.

'It was like a jet plane taking off over you.'

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