One-night stand standings

Prepare yourselves for some number crunching, for a poll has asked 1000 women in long-term relationships about every single conceivable aspect of their intimate lives.

After sifting through masses of information, the resulting pie chart showed that half of women in their 30s and 40s have had casual, one-off sexual encounters, while those in their 50s are not far behind - more than a third have had casual sex, so reports The Daily Mail.

Surprisingly those women in their 40s felt most relaxed about it - three-quarters saying they have no qualms, while 65 per cent of those in their 50s also have no regrets. But with the supposedly loose loined young’uns, a different story emerged. 44 per cent of women polled said they wished they had never had their encounters, compared with 37 per cent in their flirty 30s, 26 per cent in their naughty 40s and 35 per cent in their thrify 50s.

Thus proving the adage that youth is wasted on the young perhaps.

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