One scoop too far

The link between sex and food has long been exploited in advertising. The Dairy Milk man dominated the Eighties, PETA have been doing it in the Noughties, while only last week (and tenuous as it was) Piers Morgan stripped to the nip in promotion of a new Burger King scent.

Well join to the ranks of risque advertising the icecream brand 'Gelato' - an advert for which has been banned on the grounds that it is too sexy. The advert, which was featured in Sainsbury's Magzine, showed a nun and a topless priest about to move in for some tonsil hockey after sharing a tub of the creamy stuff in a confessional booth. Although a mere 10 people complained, the Advertising Standards Authority "considered that the portrayal of the priest and nun in a sexualised manner - and the implication that they were considering whether or not to give in to temptation - was likely to cause serious offence to some readers." Icecream manufacturer Antonio Federici on the other hand claimed that the ad summed up perfectly the "forbidden Italian temptations" of his Gelato brand.

In the light of Peta's last 'Veggie Love campaign' however which featured complaints such as, "asparagus on her lap appearing as if it is ready to be inserted into vagina" and "rubbing pumpkin on pelvic region," this spot of jiggerypokey in a confessional booth looks positively lame. What do you think?

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