Olympic sex

Former British table tennis champion and Olympian, Matthew Syed, has been shedding some light on what happens in the Olympic Village after dark: loads of bonking. Writing in the Times, the former ping pong wizard describes the four years of pent up sexual tension released by athletes on their elimination from the games.

Swimmers are the main offenders according Syed, as their events finish early leaving them with nothing else to do except have a go on each other. Poor old triple jumper Jonathan Edwards even had to complain after being kept awake by the bedroom gymnastics of the British swimming team in Sydney eight years ago.

It seems that Olympic sex is not a new phenomenon with the former Olympian recounting that at Seoul 88, the British Olympic Committee had to ban al fresco sex following complaints over the number of used condoms found on the roof of the British team's hotel.

Syed puts the Olympic shagfest down to the ridiculous levels of self-discipline that athletes have to maintain in the four years leading up to the games. This inevitably leads to sex filled and booze fuelled nights of hedonism. If Syed's theory is correct and Leryn Franco was knocked out of the javelin early that means that someone out there got really really lucky.

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