Old sperm better than no sperm.

In New York, a judge has given the go ahead for a woman to extract sperm from her dead husband’s body, though the jury’s still out on if it’ll work.

Victoria Chege hatched the seemingly inconceivable plan after her partner, George Kamau, killed himself last Monday, and says she wants a child to continue his legacy.

‘It was the intent of George Kamau to conceive a child prior to his untimely death,’ wrote Chege in papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court according to the New York Daily News. ‘[He] expressed his desire to have children so that his legacy may continue.’

Though permission has been granted, it could be in vain. In a similar case last year of a man who died of a heart attack, sperm extracted only 32 hours after the man’s death failed to impregnate his partner.

Responses to the case on the New York Daily News website have been mixed. One reader called it ‘creepy, gross and insane’ while another questioned the dead man’s desire to have children in the first place.

‘If he wanted a family, he wouldn't kill himself,’ the poster wrote. ‘Having kids was not part of his plan.’

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