Old codgers and their todgers

What is it they say – that men think about sex every ten seconds? Or is that how long goldfish remember for? Either way, the fact most men frequently think about getting their ends away goes little disputed. But as you get older, different things start to take precedence – pensions, life insurance and playing dominoes, right? Wrong. A new study conducted at the University of Western Australia has shown this age-old assumption in a new light.

The study asked around 2,700 men between 75 and 95 questions about their sexual activity. Although older men did tend to be less sexually active than the younger old men, 20 percent of those aged 90 to 95 claimed sex was ‘important to them.’

Taking the group as a whole, 30 per cent of men said they were sexually active, though 48 per cent said sex was important to them. Which means 18 per cent of the old codgers were still thinking about their todgers, even though they weren’t having sex regularly.

The conclusion? Well, it sounds more like a confirmation – that even old fellas care about what’s going on in their trousers. It certainly doesn’t take a boffin to work that out, though thanks anyway.

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