Oi Oi Oi iPhone!

Maybe it has something to do with downloading applications that let you find the nearest person closest to you who's up for a shag, but a recent poll conducted by OkCupid.com has shown that iPhone users get far more nookie than their Blackberry-weilding counterparts, the Sun Online reports.

The statistics revealed that carrying the Apple product in your pocket will boost your chances of getting laid as 'some female iPhone owners had TWICE as many sexual partners as other smart phone users'. 'Men with iPhones [...] were shown to have had slightly more sexual partners than those without'.

The news may not be so shocking for some as it's commonly known that the appeal of using a 'crack'berry comes from being able to work night and day whilst not in the office.

Doesn't leave much time for rolling in the hay then, does it?

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