Drunken fury of Father Kury

Today will mean one hell of a hangover for a certain Father Ignatius Kury of Ohio, U.S. Instead of a potential splitting head-ache, inability to poop for several days, an overwhelming feeling of nausea and canine 'death breath', Kury will also be facing up to the consequences of his actions the night before. Which, for a man of the cloth, include some pretty saucy antics.

Deciding to take his car for a spin after imbibing a little too much of the communion wine (we think), Father Kury unsurprisingly caught the attention of the local police who arrested the disorderly cleric. You'd think at this point, our inebriated protagonist would accept defeat and take the opportunity to sober up after being taken into custody. But no...

'After bringing the disoriented priest to the station, the officers handcuffed him in a holding cell. At that point, Kury took the opportunity to demand to be released and offered the police a few, well, 'favors' in return for being let go. When that failed, he moved on to threatening them with a visit from Oprah Winfrey, and finally, realizing you catch more flies with honey, regaled his captors with a mangled rendition of the 'Star Spangled banner.'

Maybe the police would have seriously reconsidered Father Kury's sexual advances. After all, a visit from Oprah Winfrey is a serious threat to make.

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