Oedipus reasoning

Poor old Mums, they really do get the raw deal when it comes to families. Aside from the genetic responsibility for carrying a child to term, feeding it and probably being the parent who actually wakes up when a baby cries, women also either accept, or fight against those traditional expectations of motherhood. Oh to be a male seahorse, eh?

And now, along comes a more than paper-thin scientific survey that suggests that a mother's supportive influence on her child as toddler will help determine whether that child becomes an adult afraid of commitment or willing to forge a life-long bond, Science Daily suggests.

'First, two-year-olds were observed doing a difficult task while their mothers looked on. Did their mother laugh, help, or ignore the child? Second, at 16, the subjects recounted dealing with a conflict with a best friend, and were assessed for relational attitudes and skills.'

'This time, each couple discussed -- and tried to resolve -- the problem that caused them the most conflict. Then they talked about the things they agreed on most. Their videotaped interactions were rated for the amount of hostility -- coldness, rejection, and remorseless injury -- and hopelessness about the relationship that each partner displayed, and how each tried to quell those in the other.'

The study was a longitudinal; a direct link was made between responsive and nurturing mothers and those adults becoming the strong link in their adult relationships.

Whilst mother does know best, it seems best that she doesn't keep mum when her kids need her the most - however subjective certain scientific studies prove to be.

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