Obama aide scorned by mistress

Hell hath no fury like a mistress dumped - especially one with the financial wherewithal to ruin you publicly. YaVaughnie Wilkins, mistress to top Obama aide Charles Phillips has plastered a 30 foot billboard poster of herself and her lover in Times Square with the catchy slogan, 'you are my soulmate forever.' A website address underneath (CharlesPhillipsandYaVaughnieWilkins.com) invites users to take a virtual tour of the pair's eight year relationship, including intimate photos, love letters and ticket stubs.

Which is all very well and would be embarrassing enough if Charles wasn't a top Obama economic advisor, and if - DOH! he wasn't already married. In a plot twist reminiscent of a Mexican soap opera sources say that Charles and Yvaughnie have been living together as a normal couple since 2001 despite Charles keeping up appearances with his long suffering wife. Bored with nearly a decade of doing the dirty Charles has since dumped Wilkins and gone back to his wife.

Whatever the circumstances behind the double life, the billboards (there are two more in New York as well as one in Atlanta and one in San Francisco) will surely be giving any high ranking cheater food for thought. At $30,000 a pop though, Mz Wilkins must have been pretty badly scorned. That or the aspiring actress was trying to secure her own reality show...

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