OAP pops clogs copping a feel

It seems to be the day for news relating to all things fetishistic and kinky - maybe the announcement of the emergency budget in the UK and the World Cup aren't entertaining enough for some people?! One particular pensioner may well have wished that he'd settled down with a beer to watch a few matches, rather than popping along to his local knocking-shop where he proceeded to pass away during foreplay.

Seventy-two year old Konrad Mueller, a regular client and possible minor celebrity at his local bordello in Leipzig decided to indulge in a bit of leather-play with his favourite prostitute Gaby, the Sun Online reveals. However, being bound and gagged and succumbing to the heat wave Germany was experiencing, the OAP gave up the ghost and passed away, hardly reaping the benefits from his £40 OAP discount rate special.

The report from pathologist Dr Ingo Dilger 'confirmed that the combination of leather, heat and Gaby proved too much for the elderly gentleman.' Poor old Gaby: maybe she should come with a health warning next time: 'Don't get on this ride if you have a weak heart or suffer from back problems.'

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