The Naked Truth

Nakedness and nudity. Let's get back to the times of Adam and Eve before the Fall where fig-leaves weren't necessary and communication came across in an open and honest way, with no disguises, no pretences. Is it unrealistic to think that if we all just accepted ourselves in our birthday suits, we would be able to interact in a more realistic way, albeit at the price of freezing our bits off? One therapist in N.Y. seems to think so.

For Sarah White, it's essential that her online and 'in the flesh' clients offer up real and non-fabricated issues to be dealt with out in the open...whilst she removes her clothes and sits opposite them/her webcam in the buff. And no, we're not talking about sex therapy of a more graphic style but counselling and therapy with no inhibitions, Salon reports.

'She says her vulnerability in being naked allows for her clients to be more comfortable being emotionally exposed -- which is a dynamic you can certainly see at play in sex work. But White argues that her relationships with her clients are not sexual, and she points out that if they just wanted to watch a naked girl perform on cam they could certainly find it cheaper; she charges $150 an hour.'

We think we could offer a friendly ear to a skype caller in need but showing our wobbly bits over a bad connection...well, it might make them feel worse than they did before!

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