Nude Year Resolution

It’s New Year’s resolution time again, time to start thinking of things to give up in 2008 in a bid to improve your wellbeing and detox from the Christmas period. So what’s going on in Hollywood then? No smoking, no eating, no beating up paparazzi?


That’s right. Over the past months we’ve heard the older stars are deciding to cover up, with Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts and Cindy Crawford all saying that from now on, they’re going to leave it to the younger, perhaps more pert, starlets to do the baring.

Thankfully, however, the young ‘uns aren’t so shy…Next year should be a treat with, among others, Jessica Simpson vowing to do full frontal, Sienna Miller stripping off and Keira Knightley telling us “you will probably see pictures of me soon just walking down the street naked”. Can’t wait.

And for the ladies, Daniel Craig is threatening to bare all in the next Bond.  

So what will you be giving up?

(Image: from YouTube

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