Not Taylor-made

A case of mistaken identity, which is a rare thing to happen to a Hollywood actress. Can you imagine someone allowing Lindsay Lohan into a club, presuming she was actually a tee-totaller teenager with a squeaky-clean record? In this case, thanks to old-fashioned photographic techniques and a lack of proof, a naked photo which was previously thought to show recently departed Liz Taylor in the buff is, in fact, a snap of a relatively unknown actress called Lee Evans, the Telegraph tells us.

Originally thought to be a shot taken by a close friend of the actress and fellow actor, Roddy MacDowell, the picture has caused a minor storm of controversy as the former grand-dame of Hollywood with her unique violet coloured eyes was reported to having never agreed to having a single naked shot taken of her. The shot, having supposedly worked its way from hand to hand via Liz's third husband, has finally been identified as depicting someone else.

'Last night the American photographic agency which released the picture said it had suspended its distribution while there was a 'possible challenge to the veracity'.'

'And the widow of the photographer who took what appears to be the original photograph in 1940 said it was an 'absolute falsehood' that it was Taylor. The picture had been published days after Taylor's death on March 23, aged 79.'

It seems there was a different attitude to showing your bits on the cover of any old magazine if you were a famous actress. Future D-list actress Playboy cover stars take note!

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