Nude news

It would make millions pay attention to the ravaging effects that the recession has had on interest rates in the UK and capture the attention of a multitude of males who acquired a sudden interest in constitutional reform, but are naked news readers a good thing?

South Africa's Broadcasting Complaints Commission or BCCSA believes so, defending a tv network's decision to have a variety of well-endowed women read the news on a late-night programme slot called 'Naked News', Times Live tells us.

Their decision came in the face of many tv viewers who complained that the news item was 'disgusting' to watch and basically represented officially-approved 'soft porn.'

'The BCCSA tribunal had to decide whether the show, which airs on e.tv after midnight and features bare-chested women reading the news, contravened the Broadcasting Code. The tribunal could find nothing degrading to women in Naked News.'

'Nudity as such was not prohibited in publications or films, and age restrictions and classification strived to exclude children from seeing it.'

Admittedly, male presenters would be given a desk to sit behind but that's another gender equality story waiting to happen!

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