Nude world record

Hikers enjoying the clean air and scenery of South Wales were in for a surprise this weekend as 400 people stripped off and went skinny dipping in the freezing sea at Rhossili Beach, Gower.

Prudes will be relieved to hear that this was not a peculiar ancient sex ritual but rather an attempt to enter the Guinness Book of Records with the world's largest skinny dip, and raise money for the Marie Curie Cancer Trust.

Nudists for the day came from all over the world. One told the Daily Mail 'I have flown in from Australia via Brazil to take part - what was I thinking of? But it was great fun and very exhilarating to strip off and dive into the waves, even if they are a lot colder than what I'm used to.'

The event was made up of die-hard skinny dippers and newbies alike.Steve Absalom, 29, said:'I'm quite shy and I have never swam naked before so to do it in front of 400 people was a bit of an eye-opener'. Perhaps the success of this event will prompt a 'back to nature' revolution across the country? You go first, we'll follow...

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