‘Nowadays, women are so sexually explicit’

Annie Lennox has torn a strip off modern day pop stars for the way they use their sexuality to sell records, branding young singers ‘sad’ for stripping off to promote their music.

The songwriter and Eurythmics founder hates to see stars surrender their values to solely and soullessly climb the charts, and reckons women in the music industry often flash the flesh just to gain popularity. She says, ‘Nowadays, women are so sexually explicit and they use this as a tool to get popular, and I find this very one-dimensional. Surely we have evolved further than that.

‘I'm all for sexuality being free and liberal, but I feel so sad that it’s like a one-trick pony. It's a sad thing because people fought so hard to liberate us and to give us the vote and to give us equal opportunities, and it looks sometimes to me like we're really going backwards.’

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