Now Gran’s waiss are on Wagner!

X Factor reject Katie Waissel’s prostitute grandmother has set tongues wagging again by saying she’d love a visit from Wagner Carrilho.

It emerged a few weeks ago that Katie’s 81-year-old grandmother, Sheila Vogel-Coupe, works as a mature escort. Now it seems she’s set her sights on the eccentric Brazilian, Wagner.

In an interview in New! magazine, she cheekily revealed: ‘I usually like younger men, but I would be happy if Wagner paid me a visit.’

The octogenarian was unrepentant when she gave details of the fall out with Katie’s family. She said: ‘It's still very raw and I understand it was a shock. I'd like to think they can come into this century and become more liberal. If they're not going to accept me for what I am, I'm not going to say sorry. I haven't done anything wrong. It's a free world and I haven't killed anybody. I'm just trying to make a living.’

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