Nothing like a bit of horseplay

Like horses? Ever ask for a pony for Christmas? Well, this still might not be for you.Taking the love of horses to a different level is Equus Eroticus, a naughty magazine for fans of the four-legged beasts. Equus Eroticus features groups of people who get together to dress up as horses, ponies and donkeys, go for a nice trot, maybe a canter and generally take each other for a ride. 

Weird? Well, yeah, but apparently this pony practice isn’t just sexual, with some stallions only wanting to be taken back to the stable and put to bed (aaaw!) or simply taken for a training session, with a few jumps.

Well, at least it’s all good exercise. Sounds like more fun than running on a treadmill and less weird than riding a bike that goes nowhere. We might have to pass on the reins and horsetail butt plugs, but other than that... Giddey up horsey!

(Image: from shiohshvili's flickr stream)

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