Not Turkish Delighted

A medieval solution to a medieval problem has been suggested to the women of Mus, Turkey, who have been campaigning for protection from aggressive, abusive men in their local area. On appealing to Mayor Necmittin Dede, representatives of the Women’s Center, KAMER, were told to stay at home, indoors to prevent such abuse happening.

Despite men in the neighbourhood using the opportunity of frequenting local teahouses to verbally attack women on the streets, the authorities are sure that the very presence of women in the street acts as an unnecessary provocation, The Hurriyet Daily News informs us.

With domestic abuse rates as high as 70% per 700 homes, many women seek refuge in the region's women's shelter, although being clearly identifiable from the street leads men to discover and harrass women who are seeking refuge from them inside its confines.

'Among state authorities, local police have led the way in trying to combat domestic violence, releasing preparing a report titled 'Survey Report on Cases of Domestic Violence.' Law enforcement officers have also rented billboards to create awareness about the problems facing women. One such billboard features the portrait of a happy family, with text underneath saying, 'Not everything is what it seems.'

That would be an understatement, it seems.

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