Not quite the same thing...

It seems that many ministers in politics around the world could benefit from reading our Sexploits column, which, we feel, gives a fairly rounded view of sexual tales and escapades occuring during our day and age. It might also have made it clear to one particular French minister, Brigitte Barèges, that a marriage between two gay men and women and having sex with animals really aren't comparable.

It was with this sentiment that a member of Nicolas Sarkozy's right-wing political group, the 'UMP Party', caused a storm of controversy in an open Parliamentary debate about gay marriage, Pinknews tells us.

'She appalled fellow politicians by exclaiming: 'So in that case, why not unions with animals? Or polygamy?'

Fellow ministers from across the political spectrum were quick to condemn her outburst:

'Fellow UMP MP Franck Riester called Ms Barèges’ comments 'disgraceful and degrading'. The leader of the UMP party, Jean-François Copé, added: 'These unacceptable comments naturally in no way reflect the UMP’s position.'

Despite later withdrawing her comments, Brigitte claimed that she is 'personally in favour of all types of sexual relations between consenting adults', although whether this opinion excludes marriage between these consenting adults or not, remains to be seen.

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