Not quite a bookmark

They say that sex sells, as a general marketing rule and who would disagree with them. But what about sex that on its own, doesn't sell enough? How do we encourage people to fully engage with a market known for its fleeting trends and tastes and plethora of new-cummers (so to speak)?

The answer to making your pheramone-scented mark on the sex market is to sell yourself. Quite literally. Take one relatively famous porn actress by the stage name of Ashley Blue (real name Oriana Small), whose autobiography, 'Girlvert', which follows the porn star through making a series of extreme films of the same name.

In order for book sales to flourish, she decided to part with one of several hundred (thousand?) pubic hairs, and give one to the lucky owner of each of her books, we discovered through Forbes.

The 'most provocative aspect of the limited edition is the pubic hair embedded in the book’s jacket. 'Jacketed in handmade Japanese paper by designer Ted Nava, including one bulbous Oriana Small pubic hair plucked by Small herself and inserted into each sheet of dust jacket paper as it dries,' the product description reads.'

Whilst it remains to be seen whether the limited edition copies of 'Girlvert' will sell like hot cakes, other marketing techniques are being considered:

'Max Hardcore, a notorious pornographer whose real name is Paul Little, was incarcerated after having been found guilty on various obscenity-related charges. Small, who had worked with Hardcore, suggested they create a 'Pubes for Prisoners' campaign to promote the book.'

We predict a riot. Maybe not at the bookstores across the US but more than likely by sex-starved prisoners in jails across the country.

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