Not dairy nice

A woman in western Sweden has been unable to eat for days after finding a condom in a carton of milk.

The woman discovered the unsavoury object while pouring out the last drops from a container of filmjölk, a milk product popular in Sweden, to give to her dog.

As well as the creamy-coloured liquid, a condom, its packaging, a pink-coloured plastic ring and a receipt fell into the dog’s food dish.

‘She's started to eat again, but she's never going to buy filmjölk again,’ the woman’s daughter told Expressen newspaper.

A customer representative from Arla foods, the dairy cooperative that produced the product, has been quoted as saying the discovery was ‘impossible’, and suggested that it could have been the result of someone playing a prank in the woman’s home.

Whoever made up the line about not crying over spilled milk obviously never had this scenario in mind.

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