Not another Berlusconi story!

There are no surprises that the Italian premier and world’s premier sexploiter, Silvio Berlusconi, is facing yet more allegations ofa sexual nature. This time, an escort who claims she was paid 10,000 euros to spend two nights with the 74-year-old, has said in a TV interview that his parties were ’full of young girls.’

In an interview broadcast across Italy, Nadia Macri, 28, said that parties took place at official residences in Arcore, near Milan, and at Villa Certosa in Sardinia.

'There were lots of young girls, I think they were minors but we didn't speak to each other as we were told not to talk,' she said.

Mother of one Nadia first came to the Italian Prime Minister’s attention after she was spotted in Milan and 'picked out' to meet important people - including Berlusconi. At one point Berlusconi even called her personally on his mobile.

‘I gave my number to Berlusconi's secretary, I can't remember her name - she was his organiser and she said I would be called again. Then I was called on my mobile by Berlusconi. He said 'I am the dream of Italians.' I said 'Who is this?' and he said 'It's the Prime Minister of Italy’.’

Ms Macri, who said she was told to 'dress sexy' for the parties, went to the parties thinking Berlusconi might help her in a custody battle with her former husband. She added: 'Maybe I shouldn't have said I was an escort when we met.'

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