‘Not allot of sense’: sex quiz causes allotment growers to fume

Allotment growers have been screaming green murder over plans to quiz people who apply for allotments about their sex lives, according to reports in The Sun.

Dissent sprouted when candidates for vacant allotments were given questionnaires asking about their race, religion and sexual orientation.

Green-fingered Fred Hyde, 61 – of Boultham Allotments Association in Lincoln – accused council leaders of losing the plot: ‘It’s damned intrusive. All people are doing is trying to grow fruit and veg.’

Fiona McEvoy, of The TaxPayers’ Alliance, was similarly up in arms: ‘It's local authority nonsense at its worst. Who cares how many Christians or lesbians or black people want allotments?’

Obviously someone does, as Lincoln City Council official Alison Lewis attested: ‘We monitor equality and diversity to understand residents' needs. The questions are optional and aren't used to determine whether an application succeeds.’

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