Not a spy who loved me

She was after the Princes Harry and William at one point, planning dodgy encounters in London's elite clubs in her attempts to ensnare the capital's wealthiest playboys with a winning smile, unforgettable etiquette and legs that go on for miles. However, Anna Chapman, formely accused of being a spy for Russia has received a Kremlin award, supposedly clearing up rumours that she was in fact a Russkie agent.

Previously, many had believed that Chapman was only a pawn in a grand game of post Cold-war chess, between Russian and British Intelligence Services, the Sun Online reveals.

However, 'the award by President Medvedev removes any doubt she was a fully fledged spy. A spokesman called the medals 'the state's highest awards'. The gong may renew interest in the six years Anna lived in Britain.'

Having returned to her former homeland, Anna has revealed that a racy set of memoirs is in the making which we hope will be a picture book more than anything.

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