Not a fairytale sleeping beauty

The words 'sleeping beauty' conjure up Disney-related images of blonde princesses sleeping for years, waiting for Prince charming to come along and wake them up with a kiss. For chronic Sleeping Beauty sufferer Donna Glover, the condition means she needs something a little more substantial from men when she's awake: constant sex.

Speaking to the News of the World, Donna, who suffers from personality disorder and the need for long periods of sleep, says she wakes up and scours the neighborhood looking for men to satisfy her sex-cravings. Forty year old Donna from Barwell, Leics, mentions one time where she was out and about and felt the urge: 'I was in the supermarket doing my weekly shop when an episode came on. Then a bloke made eye contact with me and I strolled over and introduced myself. Within minutes we were on our way to a local park and began tearing each other's clothes off.'

Like other sufferers of the Sleeping Beauty or Kleine-Levine Syndrome, Donna cannot control her lust and has lost friends and family due to her insatiable appetite. Now she takes precautions by staying indoors, taking the battery out of her phone and unplugging the internet. We think sleeping inside a sealed glass box would be a step too far.

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