Virgin bride?

He liked it so he put a ring on it. That is Prince William, having gone out with Kate Middleton for eight years, decided to ask her to marry him. A nation goes into overdrive with guesses about wedding dresses, comments about the in-laws (will Granny ever approve?) and the guestlist of royals, rogues and randoms. But what has slipped under the radar of the general British public is that Kate and Will were living together as a couple before he got down on one very well-dressed, Gieves and Hawks-styled knee.

And should that really make a difference? According to the Huffington Post,no-one seems to give a flying monkey's, and quite rightly so, for it seems that long gone are the days of proving a royal bride-to-be's virginity to ensure the possible heir to the throne was in fact legitimate.

'Some historians say it's about time the royals shed their prudishness about the past of new entries into their family. When Charles and Diana wed, his history of dating was not an issue. Charles may well have wanted to marry girlfriend Camilla Shand, but she was not seen as an appropriate choice because she had had several previous boyfriends. She became Charles' second wife decades later.'

'Deborah Cohen, a historian at Northwestern University in Chicago who specializes in modern Britain, says the failure of Charles and Diana's marriage apparently convinced the royal family that its rigid standards were backfiring.'

Next we'll see Prince Harry and a distant cousin of the Queen of Holland having a sprog or two before settling down...or will we?

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