No sex toys please, we're British

You know that awkward moment when you storm out of a room after a fierce row and the second you're out you remember you need your car keys and have to walk back in and get them? Well it appears lots of people would rather save face and not re-enter that room.

According to a new survey by The Deposit Protection Service (DPS) the number one item tenants leave behind when they move out of their accommodation isn't car keys but sex toys. Things that come under the ‘sex toys’ bracket include sex dolls, racy underwear and jazz mags. Other weird items on the list were a pot bellied pig, a crash test dummy, and the ashes of a dead person. Here’s the top 10...

1 Sex toys
2 An elephant’s foot
3 Ashes of a dead person
4 A pot bellied pig
5 A box containing nail clippings
6 A crash test dummy
7 A pair of synthetic breasts
8 A glass bowl covered with cling film containing 17 live spiders
9 A plastic hand with a fork attached
10 Seven cans of gravy granules.

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