No Sex Please, We’re Airbus

In a fairly blatant but still noteworthy PR stunt, Singapore Airlines has put a “ban” on sex in the cabins of its new Airbus A380 aircraft. The company’s Stephen Forshaw said: “If couples used our double beds to engage in inappropriate activity, we would politely ask them to desist.” (Yes, we can see that working.) The cabins may have double beds for couples to sleep in, but the cabins, but despite having doors, are not completely sealed – meaning any raucous romping could disturb other passengers. 

However aeroplanes are notoriously noisy so quietly getting it on would probably go unnoticed. What can Singapore Airlines expect when a couple are in a double bed together, after having been served copious amounts of champagne? People have been having sex on planes for years – either nipping off to the toilet or sometimes even doing it under blankets in their seats – so the private cabins may be, for the slightly less extroverted flyer, the ideal way to join the Mile High Club.  Just keep the noise down…

(Image: from woinary’s flickr stream)

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