No sex please, this is the House of Commons!

A recent erotic event staged at the House of Commons has proved once again that sex and politics always go hand in hand.

The £89 per head dinner, sponsored by the Romford MP and former vice-chairman of the Conservative party Andrew Rosindell, took place in the exclusive Members' Dining Room as part of Erotica 2010, brainchild of ex-Pink Floyd accountant, Savas Christodoulou.

It’s unclear whether order was kept at the dinner, which was followed by a party on a boat where guests were invited to discard their formal attire and don latex or similar fancy dress.

Though political swings are common enough, erotic events are not known to have taken place before at the House of Commons. However, Mr Rosindell insists all was above board.

'It was a non-profit-making dinner and I would have done the same for any local business, charity or organisation,' the flustered MP is on record as saying.

'I have never been to an Erotica event, I am not interested in that kind of thing. I am not endorsing anything. I was simply asked to sponsor a dinner.'

Sounds to me like the gentleman doth protest too much…

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