No sex for me, said the bishop to the actress

In a move that could see religious politics in the UK move into the twenty-first century, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams may put his backing to gay Anglican priest Jeffrey John becoming a bishop. John, who is open about his sexuality, claims he is celibate, which may make him more appealing to right-wing religious critics.

Currently the dean of St. Alban's Church, John previously applied to be a suffragan or 'assistant' bishop in 2003 but stepped down after a whirlwind of controversy blew up about his sexuality, the Huffington Post reveals. Now it appears that Williams, druid and spiritual leader of the Church of England, may have put him forward as one of two nominees for the post of Southwark bishop, soon to be considered by the Crown Nominations Commission.

A decision may be announced as late as October this year when a final recommendation on either candidate is made by Prime Minister David Cameron, to the Queen herself, who will make the appointment. Might not be all clear sailing with a Tory boy in charge....

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