No more gags about Take That’s Howard

The secret lover of Take That’s Howard Donald has finally spilt the beans over their affair after courts lifted the ’super-injunction’ granted against her.

To look at his cute face you wouldn’t think he had it in him, but it was revealed that Donald, 42, cheated on both of the mothers of his two children with soul singer Adakini Ntuli after they met in 2000 at a nightclub where he was DJ-ing.

'I was single and craved some excitement,’ the single mum revealed. ‘I wasn’t a star-struck young girl. I didn’t even know who he was at first but I found myself chatting to him after his set.'

Speaking to the Sunday Mirror, Ntuli, insisted she didn't want to betray Donald until she found out he had another mistress as the singer beside her. Their affair was rekindled before being stopped in November 2005 and 2008. They saw each other briefly last year, but when it emerged in March that heart throb Howard had been cheating on his long term partner with yet ANOTHER mistress, Ntuli saw red (and pound signs too probably), sending him this text message:

'Why should I continue 2 suffer financially 4 the sake of loyalty when selling my story will sort my life out?'

Why indeed? Tell away, we’re all ears.

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