No love for Venus

This Valentine’s not everyone wants to see the goddess of love in all her glory. Advertising the Royal Academy of Arts show, the poster of the painting Venus, by Lucas Cranach the Elder, has caused a bit of a fuss on the London Underground. The Roman goddess Venus appears wearing only a headdress, gold necklaces, a transparent piece of material and a smile – leaving all her womanly assets completely uncovered! Oooooh!

The poster was meant to appear in Tube stations across London but many felt it was too risqué to be put up as it may offend some prudish travellers. So it looks like the lovely poster may have to be redesigned.

We say forget paying to change it. Give it a few days on the Tube and Venus will have chewing-gum for nipple tassels, and budding Banksys will have drawn a bikini. Done. All sorted thanks to the arty Londoners…

(Image: from AZAdam’s flickr stream)

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