No knicker shocker glory! Photograph of bride wins award

A saucy photo of 38 year-old-bride Angela Lancaster with her knickers around her ankles has been judged as out of the top drawer, scooping snapper Michael Dearden the prestigious UK Master Photographer of the Year 2010 at this year’s Master Photographer awards.

Though according to Mrs Lancaster, it was her husband, Gareth Thomas, 39, who got his knickers in a twist over the photo, which was taken earlier this year at their wedding in Cardiff.

Angela said: ‘We had an Alice in Wonderland themed wedding and wanted to show that in an off-the-wall way. I knew Michael's pictures could be quite risque. My husband was shocked because the first he knew about it was when he saw the proofs of the pictures.’

The draw dropping snap, now probably worth a few knicker, was said by judges to ‘push the creative boundaries’ of photography. Michael, of Caerphilly, South Wales, also won best Contemporary Wedding Photographer at the ceremony in Birmingham.

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