No joy. Whatsoever.

There's several lengths parents go to to stop their way-ward teenagers from getting up to mischief with the opposite sex when their hormones start kicking in hard. We're thinking curfews, extra homework or chores: things that limit the amount of time you have to canoodle and roll in the hay. But parents banning any form of physical contact between men and women altogether? Well, that's just biblical.

But that's just what the townspeople in the Somali area of Jowhar are faced with, due to a heavy-handed radical Islamic insurgents group called 'Al-Shabab' running the town, who promise to wreak heavy vengeance on any of the town's inhabitants that are caught breaking its strong Islamic regulations, Jezebel tells us.

'Residents of Jowhar say Islamist insurgents have promised to whip, imprison, or kill them if they violate new edicts banning unrelated women and men from shaking hands, talking, or walking together [...] Local townswomen are being beaten for wearing the 'wrong' clothes, and they can no longer work in public.'

Thank god for social networking sites! Although virtual kisses can't really compete with the real thing.

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