No Indian privates on show

With women serving in all ranks and positions in the British army, we wonder whether good old barmy army privates are too busy thinking about boobs than bazookas or how to get a leg over than drive a landrover. However, the top brass at Sandhirst might have something to say about India's solution to the problems of their officers being too busy chasing skirt to work: use eunuchs instead.

The Sun online reveals that one leading Government figure working with the Indian army, Tako Dabi, from the northeastern state of Arunachal Pradesh which borders China, thinks that by using eunuchs or 'hijras' as they are known, then distractions will be kept to a minimum. Although China's forces are composed of husband and wife teams living in isolation along the border with India, India prefers castrated men, commenting that they 'are healthy, they are strong and they were not always neglecting their duties chasing women.'

Despite this particular caste of men being self-employed sex-workers or religious figureheads consecrating ceremonies, they are apparently in great condition and would be a boon for the army. What a way to tackle the problem!

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