Covered bunnies

Apple pie. It's wholesome and the backbone of American life, the idealogical image of the American dream realised. That was until someone made 'American Pie' the film, which showed us that all teenage boys (and older) want to do is stick their wangs into some hot pie and get their rocks off. The now global multi-billion dollar empire of the same name (minus the pie, literally) would have us believe that there are teenage boys out there that might want to access a Playboy Apple app without expecting nudity. Yeah right.

It was Steve Jobs moral highground versus Hugh Heffner's hand-rubbing glee at being featured as an app on the most coveted it/Igadgets around: the iPhone and iPad. The winner? Steve, whose employees at Apple stopped any chance of a Playboy app being created as it would have to feature no nudity whatsoever, the Geek with a Laptop reports.

'Hefner had said: 'Big news! Playboy – both old & new – will be available on iPad beginning in March. The iPad version of Playboy will include the whole magazine from the first issue to the latest and Playboy on iPad will be uncensored.' Apple made a statement today that they will be sticking to their strict 'no nudes is good nudes' policy, and it seems no-one, Playboy and Hugh Hefner included, can do anything about it. While some people seem to be wondering why Apple changed their policy on nudity just for Playboy, it is probably way more likely that Hugh simply got it wrong in the first place.

When you have a moral saying as tacky and as catchy as Steve Jobs', you can tell that you're not going to get anywhere with marketing your bunnies, Hugh.

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