No camp for camp campers

Whilst they might have spent various evenings around a campfire, singing the latest Madonna and Mariah Carey songs, wrapped in cashmere jumpers and thinking about bears (the human and animal kind), Australia's WayOut LGBT youth support group weren't prepared to be denied access to the campsite at the Christian Youth Camps' Phillip Island Adventure Resort that they were intending to use. Which turned out to be illegal.

The Christian Youth Camp, whose belief in the falsity of homosexuality as spelled out in the Bible, refused the group's booking, which lead to a court case and a fine for the campsite of $5,000, the Pinknews reveals.

WayOut co-ordinator Sue Hackney praised the findings of Judge Felicity Hampel but remarked that 'although we have won this case, there is still a major problem in our human rights laws and the way they allow individuals and groups to rely on religious beliefs to avoid the legal obligations that everyone else has to abide by.'

Why can't we all just get along? We're sure someone had a similar idea a long time ago, in biblical times.

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