A wiiii bit too spicy!!

Oh how we chortled when we saw the video below on Youtube for Nintendo's latest Wii offering that spells trouble for couples (actually, maybe more so for singletons) after a dinner party, where, having had too much wine, pride and a sense of 'acting appropriately in company' go out of the window. Thanks to the Metro Online, you can take a look here.

What is it that drew suspicion from our weary eyes? Is it the idea of using a Wii remote like some kind of advanced sex toy from a future generation, to create opportunities for nuzzling between our mutual friends? Or is it the old-fashioned spanking position that these 'adults' so willingly adopt to get some extra points? We're not sure.

''We Dare' is described as a ‘sexy, quirky, party game that offers a large variety of hilarious, innovative and physical, sometimes kinky, challenges. An advert for the game was been released online this week and has already caused a storm, with the video on YouTube being watched over 150,000 times.'

Some people just aren't prepared to use their games devices for anything more than Super Mario Galaxy marathons and other PG rated activities.

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