Oldest banger on the block

Kudos to Milly Cooper. Not only can she boast having reached a very respectable old age, being four months away from receiving a telegram from the Queen, but she's still in a high-earning category, receiving a wage that would make some city bankers blush.

Having lost her American husband during the Second World War, Milly, now 96, returned to England with a baby daughter and got into the sex-trade industry, having bills to pay and a mouth to feed. She continues to demand around $800 per hour for her services, and has a range of clients from ages 28 to 92, the Metro Online tells us.

'After working as an escort, she became a madam, handling bookings for ten girls, and continued in this line of work when she married her second husband. But after a 25-year break from providing personal sex services, she got back in the saddle and has never looked back.'

Milly even considers that today's girls are too skinny with huge breasts - features which make them 'trollops', she believes. With a name like Milly, you can expect a level of class with this old-timer!

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