Nightmare scenario for female horses

If you were thinking of going riding in Sweden any time soon, perhaps you should put your plans on hold. Apparently, attacks on the sex organs of female horses are on the rise there. Last week, a pregnant mare was found to have a cut deep inside her private parts in the city of Nyköping, eastern Sweden.

‘This is so awful, I can’t understand why someone would do something like this. It’s so sick,’ said Jenny Karlsson, the horse’s owner.

Horse watcher Johan Beck-Friis, of the Swedish Veterinary Association, has been monitoring the situation carefully. ‘Historically, there are about 20 [attacks] per year. But this year the number of reports is already between 40 and 50.’

According to Beck-Friis, people can be driven to carry out such acts by either aggression or sexual motives.

‘The exercise of total power gives this sort of deranged person a kick,’ he said.

Now if I were a horse, it’d be a different kind of kick I’d be dishing out to these rotters – and preferably where it hurts.

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