Nice bits...I mean lips

Luscious lady lips. It's the downstairs parts of women that, let's be honest, most men want to 'interact' with but actually getting to the point where a woman wants to participate in some hokey-pokey with you seems a long way off for most men. The answer? According to Badoo, an online dating website, your best bet is to compliment a woman on her pair of smackers. No SMACKERS not KNOCKERS!

The website, which conducted some form of online analysis of the chat-up lines most used on its site and which guaranteed some continued form of conversation and communication, recommended the line for women in general, whilst in Germany and Canada noticing a woman's skin would reap rewards of the sexual variety, The Smoking Jacket notes.

'Experts say that the lip-line works because women dig it when guys are assertive and personal. But let’s face it—women through the ages have been fixated on their lips, and the trend only continues today. Turn on the TV and all you see are women who have clearly pumped their kissers full of weird shit in an effort to fatten them up.'

'Weird shit' indeed. Although some might say a rolled up sports sock down the front of your pants might be on the same level as this kind of wierd shit. Bottom line: if you've got it, flaunt it. If you haven't, get it.

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