NeXXXt generation

Porn. How it can dominate the lives of the average man and woman, whether it is time spent alone (maybe preferably), locked away in a room, gazing upon the harsh, technicolour fantasies created in a studio, or trying to get your other half to recreate those scenes that you bookmarked on your web browser.

But what if porn could titillate people's mental faculties as well as their physical/sexual ones? Could a porn company, such as the Dutch organisation 'Blue Artichoke' create skin flicks that border on art, where sex becomes something more than an exchange of fluids, something stimulating to all the senses?

That's what this particular company has set out to do, we learn from Good Vibrations magazine. From headshot only blowjob scenes, to orgasmic encounters filmed from a woman's emotional perspective, the company aims to provide a diverse array of erotic concepts that truly engage the viewer:

On film 'Headshot': 'literally shows a man from his shoulders up – as he’s getting a blowjob [...] first and foremost the man’s face is in full view and speaks to the viewer: the shivering contractions of his features, the expression in his eyes, his breath, moans, sighs; how his face shuts and opens when he comes, his big charming smiles afterward, and the look of WoW! that he radiates.'

'Headshot screened at the Cannes Films Short Corner (2006) and won the award for Best Short Erotic Film at the Atlanta Underground Film Festival (2009)'.

Could these films be gracing art galleries and museums next?

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