New transexual model for Givenchy

It's a fact: some boys have longer legs and a smaller frame than some ladies, whereas girls can sometimes have a squarer jaw and a lower brow-line than their male counterparts. In the fashion game, it seems that looks alone are indeed everything, no matter where they come from, as Givenchy uses a transexual model for its latest fashion campaign.

Leandro Cerezo, or Lea T as she's otherwise known, was always being put into the girls' casting group at modelling auditions, the Metro Online reveals. Although she is currently taking hormones and has yet to have a full sex-change operation, the model is still being used by some of the leading names in fashion and media, such as Vanity Fair and Vogue.

The 28 year old complains that it's not plain sailing all the way though as the treatments ahead of her operation have left her feeling '‘premenstrual’ and [she] has faced taunts while walking down the street in Italy.'

We think some of the drag-queens we've seen in Italy are just jealous - at least Lea T gets to wear proper couture and that will certainly annoy our pasta-eating amici.

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