(Fore)play on words

Dr. Johnson would be spinning in his grave, clutching a copy of his dictionary that apparently took a small life-time to write. But did it include our lexicon of modern-day sex slang? We're thinking choice monicas such as 'muff-diver', 'tea-bagging' and 'chocolate starfish' might not have made the final cut but then we have to accept defeat in the face of word-fads, springing up out of tv sitcoms and teen music everywhere.

Which leads us to the latest phenomenom/craze: 'flexisexual', which apparently is a half-way house word used for people that haven't quite committed to being 'bisexual' but are more eager to experience sex with the same/opposite sex than those who are 'bicurious', Eden Fantasys reveals.

'Flexisexual,' as a label to describe, you know, folks, who are flexible about whether they’re attracted to men or women, at any point in time, seems to have gone mainstream, though it’s not really in any dictionary but the Urban Dictionary yet. It entered the language there in 2009, we see; it seems to have made the news a bit in the UK in 2010; and today we see 'Flexisexual' is gaining in popularity'.

And there we were thinking it was about being able to stretch and hold oneself in interesting yoga-type sexual positions in bed. Which would definitely be a word for the young'uns!

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